Welcome to Kingfisher Galleria

We may not have everything you need, but we're sure we'll have something you want!

About Us


This has been a 'work in progress' for some time, and while we are not yet fully up and running, we've had so many enquiries about the stock we're holding we decided to make the site live and progress from there.
Our upstairs showroom in Leighton Buzzard has been refurbished with the intention of displaying small items of furniture and decorative accessories, while we are still sourcing the furniture in the quality and price range we want, our eclectic range of well priced accessories is growing.

An integral part of the Galleria, is a large range of guitars, they have long been a passion of Larry's, and he saw this as an opportunity to gather a collection of hand picked iconic instruments, as well as embracing new names, such as the stunning Nick Greenwood range, and make them accessible to like-minded people (or to just indulge his passion, but does that matter). Surprisingly, the guitars and home accessories are working well together, apart from the occasional poaching of space. 

So welcome to Kingfisher's Galleria, we hope you see something you like, if not please keep checking back, we are growing all the time. 

Shop Online at  http://www.kingfisherflooringdirect.com/kingfisher-galleria-368-c.asp